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A “Renovated” Development Code: Review and comment on the working draft

It’s been a long road since we as a community began our work to address the city’s outdated zoning and development regulations. Along the way, we’ve heard your aspirations and concerns, met to discuss them, shared ideas, summarized everything in a Diagnostic Report, and built out two new custom zoning districts in a real world test case to support our long-discussed Towne Center development.

The result — the Snellville Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) — is a single, user-friendly resource that encourages the kind of redevelopment we’d like to see more of. And it’s now ready for your review and comment. Here’s how:


1. Orient yourself in the big picture with this video presentation.

Following a brief introduction by Mayor Bender, project lead Caleb Racicot digs into all aspects of the code, from the input we’ve received from the community to the key components of the UDO to the proposed changes currently under consideration.



2. Download and review the draft Unified Development Ordinance.

All four chapters of the proposed code, available as PDF downloads.

> UDO Table of Contents
> Chapter 100: General Provisions
> Chapter 200: Zoning and Land Use
> Chapter 300: Buildings
> Chapter 400: Land Development


3. Make yourself heard.

Got comments or questions regarding the draft UDO? Get in touch during our public review period ending Monday, August 31, 2020. Questions posed, along with their answers, will be posted to our FAQ.


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Next Steps

Public comment on the draft UDO is scheduled to conclude Monday, August 31, 2020. Thereafter, the project team will implement the applicable revisions and release a final draft for consideration by the Planning Commission (tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, September 22) and Mayor and Council (tentatively scheduled for Monday, October 26).

Any updates or revisions to the schedule will be published here on this site and promoted through the city’s usual channels. Stay tuned and thanks in advance for your participation in this process.