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Kick-off meeting community feedback now compiled and available for review

When Snellville’s Development Code Renovation process kicked off July 12, the sizable crowd of residents and business owners in attendance were given opportunity to fill out comment cards reflecting their own ideas and concerns about future growth in Snellville.

Those comments have now been compiled and are available for your review.

Review community comments here. (.pdf)

Taken collectively, the comments reflect a mix of hopes, aspirations, and concerns. But they also demonstrate the trade-offs often required to achieve a wide range of strategic objectives.

For example: On the one hand, concerns over traffic lead some to call for limited or prohibited development, particularly as it relates to density. But other residents differ, stating “I would like to see more mixed use development. Live, work, play.” And “would love to see retail with loft above.” And “condos, townhomes for empty-nesters.”

Such conflicting interests demonstrate exactly what planning is all about: An effort to reconcile competing priorities in ways that result in the widest array of win-win scenarios.

Perhaps the answer is not so much about prohibiting denser development as it is about making sure that such development occurs in the right places — places that contribute to city goals (like a walkable, mixed-use Towne Center) while allowing for the preservation of existing neighborhood character in other areas of the city.

This is the balancing act that needs to be perfected over the course of this process. Successfully accomplished, we’ll emerge with a set of updated and revised development rules tailored to, as we say, “building a better Snellville.”

Stay tuned.